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About our association

What do we do

Acompañar con Educación y Responsabilidad (ACER) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization (CSO - Civil Society Organization) dedicated to the prevention of child malnutrition and human development in underdeveloped neighborhoods.

Our programs

Our comprehensive programs, based on Conin methodology and Montessori pedagogy, cover the areas of nutrition, human development, social focus and stimulation. Vulnerable populations in the Buenos Aires suburbs are served, specifically Villas La Cava and Uruguay in San Isidro & Villa Las Flores in Vicente López.

Premio Cemex 2019

Board of Directors & Collaborators

Mercedes Canova de Piacenza


Claudia Biasotti


Horacio Hourbeigt


Adriana Piacenza de Barboza


Susana Alvarez Herrero


Marta Fitte


Maria Luisa Bracco


Hector Alfano


Marcelo Piacenza


Federico Barboza


Adrian Spitalleri


Viviana Morandi


Yanina Nano Lembo


Guillermo Bronenberg


Nora Ludevid


Fabiana Roldán de Poccard


Fernando Conde - Tesorero

Our 17 years journey

Since we opened the doors of our first centre in Vicente Lopez up to the present day
  • 2007We open the first center

    We open the doors of our first centre with CONIN methodology in Vicente Lopez
  • 2010Survey & Training

    First anthropometric survey in Barrio Las Flores and training in Centro Modelo de Prevención with Natalia Zavaroni and Dr. Abel Albino in Mendoza.
  • 2011We open the second center

    Inauguration of Conin San Isidro including Montessori stimulation and catechesis of the Good Shepherd. We became an internship centre for UBA students. We started the training of Montessori guides. We started collaboration with Lamroth-Hakol for food, workshops and handicrafts.
  • 2012Vicente Lopez Municipality Award

    The Municipality of Vicente Lopez gives an award to our center director for her work at the ACER Centre.. Implementation of Montessori Pedagogy at Centro Vicente Lopez
  • 2013We start job training for mothers

    We started with job training for mothers on entrepreneurship. PROEM Foundation. RAFFO Laboratories
  • 2014Start receiving foreign interns

    We started to receive foreign interns and to work with the foundation "Caminando Juntos". Our first fundraising event: a concert in the Marin theatre with the Chascomus school orchestra composed of 90 children.
  • 2015We receive the Rotary Award

    We received the Rotary award for our work in the prevention and treatment of child malnutrition. Anthropometric measurement Villa La Cava and Villa Uruguay
  • 2016Dressmaking workshop

    Dressmaking workshop with designer Marisa Marana. Mothers start selling their products in different fairs such as LoJack, Las Domingas, Avery, Hipódromo de San Isidro and art fairs.
  • 2017Fundraising events

    Concert and Creole Mass with the Newman Choir and events with Marin College. Wine tasting with sommelier Maria Ines Amato.
  • 2018CONIN AMBA Gathering

    CONIN AMBA meeting in San Isidro. Events with the Julio Bocca Foundation and the Newman Choir.
  • 2019Winning the participatory budget

    We won the participatory budget thanks to the vote of the residents of Vicente Lopez: we built the roofed gallery, changed the floors and bathrooms. We participated in the UPM - Unidad Pediátrica Movil (Mobile Paediatric Unit) operation. Parade and musical show for the benefit.
  • 2020ACER Facebook & many events

    We created the closed ACER group on Facebook, where we share workshops, recipes, stories, games and reflections with the mothers under the programme. Gala and nutrition event with the Edmund Rice Choir. Benefit bridge tournament and the first marathon in the USA.
  • 2021Colour the future campaign

    Colouring the future campaign. Second edition of the charity marathon in the USA. We are 15 years old and we continue working with the same commitment as always.
  • 2022Volunteering from Austria

    Hosting young Austrian volunteers for social work, renewing them every year. ( 2024 4th year)
  • 2023The Little House next door.

    The Little House next Door project: adding enough space with the neighboring house we were able to make monthly sales fairs with donated products, allowing us to collect 25% of the total ACER monthly income.