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Pediatric care clinics and nutrition is provided, and mothers are trained in workshops on healthy eating, breastfeeding and orchard.

It works with children and their mothers through workshops and offices in:
+ Early stimulation for children of 0-3 years.
+ Comprehensive stimulation: for children 3-5 years.
They work in learning manners, lifestyle, behavior and linguistic, mathematical, sensory and spiritual stimulation.

Comprehensively it addressed everyday problems of families in social vulnerability conditions that are under the Program.

Human development
It seeks to promote social inclusion and strengthen families through training in skills, providing tools for mothers manage to develop self-esteem and generate their own resources. It is implemented through workshops in knitting, sewing, computer, creativity and human promotion.

How do we do it
+ Prevent malnutrition conducting a comprehensive approach to the problem that gives rise to extreme poverty.
+ Encourage the mother-child bond to achieve a harmonious development of the child from his earliest years.
+ Reversing the initial damage of malnutrition through an early and comprehensive program of cognitive, emotional, psychological, developmental and spiritual stimulation.
+ Empowering mothers about the basics of child care and hygiene.
+ Educate mothers as to the different developmental stages of their child.

About Us

Serve with Education and Responsibility (ACER for its initials in spanish) is a non-governmental organization of public good, dedicated to the prevention of child malnutrition and human development in neighborhoods as Las Flores (Vicente…

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Child Malnutrition The lack of nutrition in early life causes brain atrophy and consequent mental deficiency, which can be prevented and reversed, with great potential for success if you act…

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Multiple donation methods To sustain the current level of care and activities for each child / mother per month, are needed $ 2,700 * (two Thousand and seven hundred pesos),…

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Vicente Lopez Director Carolina Matassi Since 2007 the ACER CONIN Center Vicente Lopez has focused the prevention of child malnutrition del Barrio Las Flores, through a comprehensive program tailored to the…

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We are grateful to companies, public institutions, educational institutions, health entities and NGOs who work with us, helping us to accomplish our project. To collaborate click here COMPANIES PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS…

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